Education First


Did you know: 20% of children aged 6 to 14 are still not in school. Several problems persist; issues of ‘social distance’ arising out of caste, class and gender differences deny children equal opportunities (UNICEF)

As published by UNICEF factors that lower girls’ school attendance include: fees for tuition, transport, books or uniforms; cultural biases; lack of female teachers; lack of sanitary napkins; sexual harassment or abuse; and child marriage.

DSF has been tackling these problems head on and has to date adopted five schools in the Anand district of Gujarat (West of India) collectively teaching one thousand children. DSF has committed to meeting all the basic requirements for the successful running of these institutions, such as provision of school uniforms, school bags, tables and benches, stationary, books, computers, school furniture and wheelchairs for children with disabilities (an overview of all the schools we support follows).

Over the years DSF has continued to provide these schools with what they need while moving further into the Dang district to empower women in the best way possible. Visit the Dang project page for further details.