Covid Outreach Programme – India


In April 2021, as India desperately struggles to find solutions to face the second Covid-19 wave and cope with rapidly spreading variants, DSF is standing in solidarity and working each day to play our part in the emergency response. Similarly to many leading NGOSs we are prioritising the rapid supply of oxygen cylinders to rural India.

As of the first week of May 2021 DSF has provided 100 jumbo oxygen cylinders which have been delivered directly to the Gir Gadhada Hospital, Gujarat – a newly formed Covid crisis hospital run by the government. This hospital is becoming a centre of hope for many nearby areas. The support package includes flow meters, masks and the necessary accessories. In addition we have undertaken to help increase the hospitals’ capacity from 25 to 50 in-patients by providing new hospital beds. To help patients reach the hospital we have also provided 2 emergency vehicles. We are continuing our efforts through our team on the ground to help as many as possible in this time of need.

Since the pandemic started in March 2020, DSF has been distributing hot meals to key workers, foodbanks and homeless hostels in the UK (over 10k meals distributed to date) and in 2021 we are continuing with this project in the UK, along with supplying one months ration kits in India (1,000 distributed to date). In addition 3 full meals a day are currently being offered to hospital patients and their families (circa 200 people daily) in Gujarat, India. If you wish to donate towards the cost of this program the daily cost is £200 (£1 per meal).