About DSF


Divya Seva Foundation (DSF) is a UK registered charity committed to empowering and working with underprivileged and marginalised communities in less developed countries. The Foundation works with disadvantaged children, orphans, the elderly and the destitute to provide them with better education, healthcare, clothing and an improved community life. 

Divya Seva Foundation commenced its charitable activities in 2005 and carries out its operations from offices in the United Kingdom (London) and India (Ahmedabad). For further information and to get involved please do contact us, we would love to receive your feedback and hear your ideas. 


His Divine Grace Pujya Shri Rambapa

Revered across the World, Divya Seva Foundation is fortunate to have as our our patron, a dynamic and divine personality affectionately known as Pujya Shri Rambapa. At ninety, he continues to radiate tremendous energy, filling people’s hearts with love due to his generous nature, compassion and tireless enthusiasm for serving humanity.

His teachings and guidance continue to be a huge source of inspiration for our work.


Param Pujya Sant Shree Hirjibapa

Pujya Hirji Bapa, hailed from Gujarat and was a very simple and humble Saint who is best known for planting the seeds of Hinduism in East Africa almost a century ago. Pujya Bapa preached about humanity and did not discriminate on grounds of cast, colour or creed.

Pujya Hirji Bapa was indeed a special soul and even today, Bapa’s presence is felt around us, though he left his body almost twenty seven years ago, his spirit lives on in our hearts.